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Mixology - Thursday 24th-Friday 25th April 7.00pm -  Miskin Venue

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The Beano - Wednesday 30th April-Sunday 4th May 7.30pm, 5.00pm on Sunday  - Auditorium 

Tickets - £10 Concession £12.50 Adult

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Hello company!

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves with the break and that actors who have had aduitions like myself over the past week have all gone well!

I know its a few days since this was on tv but i recently watched the ‘Olivier Awards’ that was on ITV1 on Sunday 13th April. It was really interesting to watch, even though it was an awards ceremony, but there were performances from shows in London and around the UK. It’s presented by Stephen Mangan and Gemma Arteton who we all know, because of her experience at Miskin and fame in some epic films, plus she’s from Gravesend! ;)

Anyway,I know that there are actors in the company who love certain shows in the west end etc, which is one of the reasons why i decided to make this post in case they haven’t seen this. Sorry for mentioning names but i know Lilly likes the Book of Mormon, and Erol and myself love ‘Les Miserables’ and these are just one of many productions that perform during the show and also are nominated for awards. There are some famous names there and film actors up for awards that you may know, for example Tom Hiddleston and Jude Law. 

Its not ‘compulsary’ for you guys to watch it, but i really enjoyed it so i thought i’d share this with my company. If you can disqus your thoughts and watch it, if not i hope you all enjoy the rest of your time off and are ready to come back next week and work hard to get our pieces up to a high quality standard to perform!

Enjoy guys, all the best Blake!

Olivier Awards 2014

The Beano, for those who never found out.

Friday 4th April 2014

* Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you to Carleigh and Claire putting all the effort in for the entire day! Although there were disagreements and many people found it frustrating as a whole it was nice to end the week with something fun and exciting and with the Intermediate Company. What did you think of the Easter Egg Hunt?

* Social Dance

Thursday 3rd April 2014

* Games

* Foxtrot

I really enjoyed the dancing, having the opportunity to go into it in more detail and with the entire company was beneficial. It was fun learning each move then practising it from one corner of the room to the other and then finally at the end of the workshop making a sequence and performing that; putting our practising to the test. How did you find the dancing?

* Games

* Devised pieces

* Watched ‘Behind the Battlefield’

Notes: More tension, music/gun shots set the scene, sound was absorbed to the floor, contrast in the scene, lost relationship between all three men, careful your spacing, could have used levels.

I was able to identify the characters and all three of you committed to them fully however I wasn’t able to see the relationship between the three soldiers. How did you find the scene from an audience’s view? Blake, Tommy and Chris how did you feel inside it?

'Exhaust your possibilities' - Carleigh


On the British Pathe website there is an amazing set of original footage.

Off next week
Back 22nd April 1-2.30 start.
Rights of passage - Thursday 1st May
Monday 5th Bank Holiday.
10 tickets per person.

If you sell 10 tickets for ‘The Beano’ you would get 10 tickets at normal rate for ‘Oh What A Lovely War’
If you don’t sell for ‘Oh What A Lovely war’ you have to pay £50 for your script.

Sell 20 tickets for ‘Oh What A Lovely War’
Sell 10 tickets for ‘The Beano’

12/13 (Monday & Tuesday CONFERENCE.)

Back on the 22nd for 1:30-2 

Rites of Passage show will go out on the first

1 week of rehearsals and tech the shows

Everyone needs to be in, no personal call times

Plan to be confirmed on Tuesday we come back

After rites of passage the Monday 5th bank holiday off

Conferences will determine who has covered the rest of their course, based on absences.

Lucy just to inform you’ve I’ve moved my doctors appointment to a later time, so I’ll be able to attend the meeting tomorrow.


Shuttle buses for the next 2 weeks are running 9am to 11am and 4pm to 6pm - except Good Friday D

I had the chance to watch the first episode of Crimson Field. I loved the first episode as there was so much historical context inside of it. I also felt that it contained so much emotion and mystery. The acting was simply brilliant, all the characters had individual personalities and felt that you wanted to find out more about each character. What had happened to them up to this point, and what made them the person they are. The character that stood out to me was Prentice, he hardly talked throughout the whole episode but the actor who played him represented him beautifully. He made me feel so sorry for the character and plead for his return home. I don’t want to give too much away because I feel that is something that every one should watch, it’s something that the women can gain information from and also the men.
If you get a chance to watch it tell me what you think

Notes I Took

They burned limbs
A rubber sheet would go on a bed so the mattress could be used again and again, it would stop any bodily fluids going on the mattress
They reuse bandages
Sisters where given their own quarters whereas volunteers were made to share
The cries of pain sounded so real
How desperate these men were, how they needed closure in some way
In some way all the nurses cared, some more than others, but they weren’t allowed to show it.
The soldier who had shell shock stood out for me - Prentice
- are you a coward?
- are you a homosexual?
- you must be a solider then

“Do you think the enemy are sending men home because they are tired? We must have men at the front or we will lose”
“You always tell the families that the died peacefully and without pain no matter what”,
“You never speak of a dying mans last word no matter what they confess to you”

BBC Website for Crimson Field

Creating the set

Hi I just wanted to ask the directors if the shuttle busses are running? And is the box office open?

Greetings company!

Well, that was a lot of fun wasn’t it. What promised to be a lovely ball didn’t disappoint, even regarding the ‘issues’ that occurred during the ball. But overall it was a great ball and experience which I’m glad we ended up doing.

For me personally as an actor and also as my character ‘John Smith’ it was very enjoyable to be a part of but also very challenging. From the very beginning of the ball I felt in character and genuinely enjoyed myself which I also hope you all did.

The food and drink, the lights, design and the band all contritbuted to a great event which tested us in both our dancing skills and also how we would react and correspond with one another during the 1900’s.

It was interesting being involved in some crazy situations which almost everyone had an involvement in. Every actor from what I saw had a character and purpose at the ball which inadvertently created manic moments.

I can only thank you all for participating and giving your all to the ball and just enjoying yourself. The directors, Carleigh and Claire did incredibly well today with both this and the Egg Hunt. Also the other members of staff that helped made it what it was.

It was a great way to end the week and term. So I hope you all had fun and will go on to enjoy your break off!

Please disqus your thoughts on today!! And I will see you most of you on Wednesday for the meeting!

Thanks guys! :)

All Actors we be called to meet Robbie and myself on Wednesday 9th regarding ticket sales for Beano. You need to be in at 10:00- 10:30 meeting in the white room. This is a very important meeting and all of you will be expected to attend. 

Hope all has been going well and I look forward to seeing you all.